Crowdfunding for a dev_truck

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Crowdfunding for a dev_truck

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// use a crowdfunding smart contract to purchase a development Cybertruck for the forum.


  1. Community sends crypto to an automated contract wallet.
  2. Once the contract wallet reaches the goal amount, it transfers the funds to the forum wallet.
  3. If the goal is not reached by the expiration date, the donations are returned.
  4. cybertruck??!??!!!


  • $USD Goal
  • Exchange rate between contract wallet & USD
  • Expiration Date
    • Voting rules to extend expiration

things to consider:

  • accepting one or multiple crypto?
  • DIY? I haven't dug in yet.
  • "just use (kickstarter|gofundme|etc)"
    • this is probably the answer but I want to explore anyway
  • Can we enable the contract to auto-purchase a Cybertruck for added trust-verification?

I'm going to keep all discussions of how & why we would use a dev_truck in other threads. Let's focus on the funding here

keybase: alec_freudenberg
discord: alec#6590

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